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Weekly Blog

If you have ever been a customer of ours, thank you. If you have ever been pleased with our service as one of our customers and referred another customer to us, double thank you! We have been very blessed to work with the clientele we have.


Over the last 20 years our business has grown by word of mouth, by real grassroots advertising. Neighbors telling neighbors, co-workers telling co-workers, friends telling friends, etc… We are very proud of the reputation and presence we have established in our community. We have worked hard to gain the trust of and provide service for all of our friends and neighbors. Throughout the years, thanks to your patronage we have been able to maintain the shop with state of the art equipment and technology so that we can better service your vehicles and provide for your needs. It has now become a major topic of discussion amongst our employees that we would like to give back to the community that has helped us to succeed. Although we are in very early stages of brainstorming and determining how exactly we will go about this, we are very excited to share that we are going to launch a campaign to participate in community events, donate our services and volunteer our time for causes that matter to us and causes that matter to our customers. We are approaching this not as an “event” or a “one time thing” but more as a culture change. We want to engage in our community and find ways to help our customers in areas other than fixing their cars. We want to make this part of who we are as a locally & family owned business in the community. We are extremely excited about this and throughout the upcoming weeks I will keep you posted as to our progress, ideas and actions.  We have always had the mentality that we want to make automotive maintenance and repair a better experience for our community. Now we would like to continue to do that but also help to make our community a better place.


To those of you who have been with us for several years, those who know “we treat your family like our family,” thank you for trusting us to maintain your vehicles. Hopefully in the upcoming years we can have an even bigger impact on things that matter in your lives other than automobiles. If you have suggestions about causes in our local community that you are passionate about, please let us know!


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